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Violet Forest
A-frame Animated Poster, 2018
webGL website using A-frame, 3d models

In Neal Stephenson’s 1995 sci-fi novel The Diamond Age, Stephenson describes the futuristic concept of a blank piece of a paper generating animated colors, logos, and music as it is unfolds (7):

“The banker reached inside his jacket and withdrew a piece of paper, folded in thirds, from his breast pocket…. As Bud took it from the banker’s hand, the blank page generated a nice animated color logo and music. The logo developed into a peacock. Beneath it, a video presentation commenced, hosted by a similar-looking gent… “‘The Parsis welcome you to Peacock Bank,’” he said.

This piece attempts to create a rudimentary version of Stephenson’s idea of animated paper. The smartphone, a device that is always available on our body, is used to scan a QR code, extending the experience of the 2D poster to a web-based virtual 3D reinterpretation.