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Utilizing items that are commonly available in department stores and aquarium shops and subverting the kind of specimen presentation typically practiced by arts and natural history institutions, Archipelagic Seed is an examination of the racialized capitalist structures that reframe sacred materials as exotic objects of imperialist desire.


An Ethereal Night of Coming Together
Taylor Lewandowski
December 23, 2021


The mental fog began to recede as I stared at this neon piece, Rolling Stone: Musicians on Musicians, by Tillman Reyes and Bryn Jackson’s Archipelagic Seed and thought about my childhood in Fillmore, Indiana; an acid trip in Las Vegas; and the claustrophobic feeling of wearing a mask in a grocery store. An ambient DJ played music in the corner, pushing me further into self-introspection until I started talking to a mailman still in his uniform drinking a beer. He had recently moved back to Indianapolis from Massachusetts. He dreamed of moving to Pensacola, sitting on the beach, hanging out near the military base, and delivering mail. I often wonder if there is a spirituality in looking at art. The mailman professed bewilderment when it comes to art, even when I told him, “All you do is look and feel. That’s it.” No need to posture. You can only be yourself. All you can do is absorb, respond, and hope to delve closer to a refined honesty, opening wide a space you thought was no longer there.

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