Meet the Crew! > Danicka & Kyle Refugio

Danicka Refugio currently works full time as a Mentoring Relationship Specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana, and in February 2024 she will start as a Farm Apprentice at Soul Food Indianapolis Urban Farm. The work she does coincides with her hobbies, like advocating for mental health, working with underprivileged families and youth, taking care of her physical and mental well-being, cooking/eating, being outside, and connecting with nature.

She is constantly looking for new ways to engage with her Filipino community and learn more about her Filipino identity. She was born and raised in Indiana, and although she has had a struggle with her identity in the past, she is proud of her heritage, and she wants to honor it by keeping her Filipino spirit alive and present and passing on the culture and knowledge on to her children.

Kyle is a first generation Filipino American. He works for a company called Aerotek and is a Head Hunter within Skilled Trades who helps local talent find new careers. Kyle likes to be physically active and go to the gym and play tennis consistently. He also loves art and music and is constantly trying to find work that makes him happy or inspires him. Currently, he is learning to play the electric guitar. And he loves anything to do with nature and animals and any kind of activity outside, especially hiking.