Seitu Jones | At the Crossroads > 2019: A Community Meal

The art of breaking bread
by Januarie York
performed by Dajanae Harges

The art of breaking bread is in the gathering of the brushes
When we
The brushes
See ourselves as artists
Collaborating on one canvas in the vein of unity and community heartbeat
That’s how Master Peace is achieved
This table is our storyboard
May it be layered with at least three courses of multi-cultural, emotional cuisine
When we pass dishes,
We bond through fingerprinted energy, automatically.
Share with me
With us
This seascape, painted in human watercolors
Leave with a soul full of food
Founded by fruitful hearts that
Have captured the ancestor’s hunger pains and delivered them to the table with answers
We gather
In the names of those who created homes thriving
With poems full of children who
Played in hydrant water on hot summer days
Flooding West 38th where the Midtown borders
Suggest we stay in the shade and remain silent
But sunshine is too bright to be tamed in the 46208 and,
Healing the crown begins with us.
And so the art of breaking bread begins
After the brush’s first stroke.
Once we’ve all been gathered,
The brushes (that is)
At the same table, letting one shoulder touch another like blending colors on a pallet tray.
For the sharing
Of communion
Through love
And incredible food.
We are creating a masterpiece of Master Peace in this very moment.
Now go on and “pass the peas like you used to do”

(audience inclusion in rhythmic form)
pass the peas like you used to do
pass the peas like you used to do
pass the peas like you used to do