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Diego Manansala
Diego Manansala

Diego Manansala's artistic evolution is a narrative punctuated by serendipity. Originally rooted in the Philippines, Manansala's life has traversed continents, and it was in Bloomington, Indiana, that he not only established residency but also found a nurturing sanctuary for his creative endeavors. Having only embraced his passion for visual talents within the last few years, his recent emergence as an artist adds a unique and youthful depth to his work which embodies the belief that growth knows no boundaries and that each brushstroke carries knowledge passed through generations.

A versatile artist skilled across disciplines, Manansala has forged an extraordinary path marked by boundless creativity. His practice encompasses an exploration of tattooing, painting, and the creation of large-scale murals, forming a diverse and captivating tapestry of expression. Manansala wields a broad range of media with the goal of transcending the mere portrayal of the subject and, instead, to emphasize the metaphysical impact of the image. Capturing both their innate simplicity and sophisticated complexity, his marks flow gracefully, and each piece is designed with the intention of provoking an emotional response and appealing to the viewer's imagination.

The long history of migration and multiculturalism inherent to his Filipino heritage is a wellspring of inspiration at the heart of Manansala's creative process. This unique perspective empowers him to delve into shared symbology across artistic traditions, ranging from tattoos and carvings, to textiles, ceramics, and beyond. Drawing from a variety of global cultures, he skillfully incorporates branching forms of visual expression while acknowledging their shared roots. Manansala's art identifies commonality between disparate cultures, seamlessly interweaving these elements into his own creative practice and illuminating that which connects us.